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About Us Page

I am America is a photo journal that celebrates the dignity of human resilience. It is a journey through time, chronicled by images of simplicity and grace, meant to reveal the many facets of who we are, as Americans, and as a people united by our endurance and our beauty. This collection of photographs is meant to serve as a point of reference in time right now, and to inspire our humanity moving forward.

The symbolism of the American flag is communicated through its context in portraits. It is our desire to take a look at this powerful symbol through the lens of truth, as when one walks in truth they can never be ignored, dismissed, nor forgotten. It is our goal to acknowledge the instinctual beauty of the will to survive and the will to simply state, “I AM”.

The American flag is relevant to all who have come to this land, and through the use of it as an iconic symbol we pay homage and respect to the human experience.

Nine months ago Grammy nominated music producer turned photographer Alessandro Elena and celebrated international fashion model turned creative director Lisa Butler decided to collaborate.

What began as one simple image soon evolved into many, and this journal has taken on a life and voice of its own. Our plan is to continue this journey, crossing America beginning in late 2015, to chronicle the voice that has spoken to us, saying, “I am America”.




“The fantastic thing about children is that when it comes to dreaming,they truly believe with no hesitation.

We should never forget that.” -- Lisa Butler